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BKO or medicinal chemicals are synthetic compounds or chemical products derived from natural ingredients that are commonly used in modern medicine. The use of BKO in modern medicine is always accompanied by a dose / dose, rules of use and warnings about the dangers of its use in order to maintain the safety of its users. However, as a foreign chemical to the body, you still have to be vigilant because there are many possible side effects.

PT Angler Biochmelab provides the following tests:

1-methyl-4-Nitro-3-n-Propyl Pyrazole-5-Carboxylic Acid Dimthyl acetildenafil
2-Hydroxyethyl Nortadalafil Dioxohongdenafil
2-Hydroxypropyl Nortadalafil Dithio-desethyl-carbodenafil
Acetamino Tadalafil Dithio-desmethyl-carbodenafil
Acetil acid Gendenafil
Acetildenafil Homosildenafil
Acetylvardenafil Hydroxy vardenafil
Aildenafil / methisosildenafil Hydroxyacetildenafil
Amino Sildenafil Hydroxychlorodenafil
Aminotadalifil Hydroxyhomosildenafil
Aminothiosildenafil Hydroxythioacetildenafil
Benzamidenafil Hydroxythiohomosildenafil
Benzyl sildenafil Hydroxythiovardenafil
Bisprenortadalafil Imidazosagatriazinone
Carbodenafil Iso Sildenafil
Carbodenafil Isobutyl Sildenafil
Chlorodenafil Isomer of Isobutyl Sildenafil
Chloropretadalafil N-Buthyl Tadalafil
Chloropropanoylpretadalafil N-cyclopentyl nortadalafil
Cinnamyldenafil N-Desethyl Vardenafil
Cyclopentynafil N-Desmethyl acetildenafil
Dapoxetine N-Desmethyl Sildenafil
Depiperazinothio Sildenafil N-Ethyl Tadalafil
Depoxetine N-Isopropyl Tadalafil
Descarbon Sildenafil Nitrodenafil
Desethyl Carbodenafil Nitroso-prodenafil
Desmethyl carbodenafil N-Octyl Nortadalafil
Desmethyl Thiosildenafil Noracetildenafil
Dichlorodenafil Norneo Sildenafil
Dimethylsildenafil Norneo Vardenafil
Nortadalafil Sildenafil N-Oxide
N-phenylpropenyl Tadalafil Sildenafil Related Compound 2
O-Desethyl Sildenafil Sulfosildenafil
O-Desethyl Vardenafil Tadalafil
O-Desethyl-O-propyl Methisosildenafil Tadalafil analogue
Oxohongdenafil Tadalafil analogue
Piperidenafil Tadalafil Related Compound 1
Propoxyphenyl homohydroxysildenafil Tadalafil Related Compound 2
Propoxyphenyl sildenafil Tadalafil Related Compound 3
Propoxyphenyl Thioaildenafil Tadalafil Related Compound 4
Propoxyphenyl thiosildenafil Terazosin Hydrochloride
Pyrazole N-Demethyl Sildenafil Thioaildenafil
Raubasine Thiodimethylsildenafil
Sildenafil Thiohomosildenafil
Sildenafil amide Thiosildenafil
Sildenafil amine Vardenafil
Sildenafil analogue Vardenafil analogue
Sildenafil analogue (propoxyphenyl thiohomosildenafil) Vardenafil analogue
Sildenafil analogue (Propoxyphenyl-Thiohydroxyhomosildenafil) Vardenafil N-Oxide
Sildenafil chlorosulfonyl Vardenafil Oxopiperazine
Sildenafil coupled Yohimbine
Sildenafil Impurity 13  


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