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The proximate analysis is a method of chemical analysis to identify the contents of nutrients such as: protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibers in a food substance. It has the advantage of being able to assess food or feed based on its quality. The proximate analysis test covers testing the contents of: water, ash, fat, protein, fiber, as well as testing the contents of carbohydrates.
Tests are conducted using conventional methods such as a gravimetric analysis in order to test water content. The components of a substance can be determined based on weighing the before as well as after the process of separating substances has been completed.
Tests that use the Kjehldahl method to analyze protein content will be given a score for the total amount of nitrogen found that has been converted with a constant score of 6.25 for example until the protein content of a product has been obtained. Fat analysis is conducted with the Soxhlet method as well as heksan, which acts as a solvent. The information obtained from the proximate test acts as one of the components of the information found in the nutrition of food.

PT Angler Biochemlab provides the following tests:

- Water content
- Total ash
- Crude protein
- Raw fat
- Total fat
- Carbohydrate
- Calorie
- Raw fiber
- Color, taste, odor


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